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For no reason we give to third parties your data (name, surname, email) that we need to reply to the email you write to us or to send you the newsletter.


Cookies are information that sites you visit record on the memory of your computer, smartphone or tablet and that are re-sent when you return to that same site; they can serve various purposes, in our case to understand what you are interested in the site.

What cookies we use

We use technical cookies, which allow the site to function correctly, helping you to navigate better.
We use Google Analytics cookies, which provide us with statistical data such as the total number of visitors to the website and to its pages, for each specific time slot. Here is the Google Analytics privacy police.

We do not use profiling cookies, which would be used to create profiles related to the user, used for commercial purposes, by sending advertising messages tailored to the tastes and preferences expressed on the web by the profiled user.

Social network

at the bottom of the pages and posts there are sharing buttons on social networks Facebook, GooglePlus, and others; all of these platforms use their own cookies to recognize you, if you are browsing after logging into your accounts, we do not have agreements with any of them and we are not able to see how they use your data; for more information, see their privacy policies:

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