Seasonal and local cuisine

Our cuisine is based on easonal, fresh and local ingredients, often cooked at the moment.
Some of them come from organic or biodynamic farms, , like Sequerciani, our neighbour.
The dishes that represent us come from the combination of the Maremma tradition and innovative recipes; here you can find also vegetarian and gluten-free dishes , as well as vegan options.


Fettunta olio EVO - Il Barrino di Tatti

“Fett’unta” with extra virgin olive oil

A simple dish of our tradition: very tasty thanks to the bread made with Verna flour or leavened with sourdough, and the olive oil produced by the Sequerciani biodynamic farm, the same that you will find on our tables.

Tagliere Cinta Senese - Il Barrino di Tatti

Tagliere maremmano

“Tagliere” with local hand-cut cold cuts including Cinta Senese, pigs from organic and free-range breeding; cheeses other cold cuts and marinated vegetables are made in the area by small farms that we know, chosen for the quality of the product and the method of work.

Ortaggi di stagione - Il Barrino di Tatti

Seasonal vegetables

Salads, aromatic herbs and other seasonal vegetables, ripened on the plant, very fresh and tasty because they are grown close to us by farms such as Sequerciani.

First courses

Linguine alla bottarga di cefalo di Orbetello - Il Barrino di Tatti

Linguine with mullet bottarga from Orbetello

Linguine made with Senatore Cappelli grain, cultivated by the biodynamc farm Sequerciani, located three kilometers from us. Mullet bottargais a bottarga di cefalo è una delicacy of Orbetello.

Tortelli maremmani - Il Barrino di Tatti

Tortelli Maremmani

Handmade Tortelli Maremmani , made with Senatore Cappelli flour, filled with the delicious ricotta cheese of the dairy Ranieri in Follonica.


Spaghetti “alla buttera”

Recipe of the great chef Lella Bini who brought the Maremma cuisine in the world and now collaborates with us. Not to be missed.

Main courses

Polpo del golfo di Follonica su salsa di sedano rapa

Octopus from the Gulf of Follonica

Grilled octopus from the Gulf of Follonica with black cabbage or seasonal vegetables. The octopus as all our fish is delivered to us in the day because it comes from the Gulf of Follonica.

Cinghiale alla bracconiera - Il Barrino di Tatti

Wild boar “alla bracconiera”

Wild boar from our woods cooked with the scents of the Mediterranean scrub.

Tagliata Maremmana IGP - Il Barrino di Tatti

Sliced beef of Maremmana IGP breed

Sliced beef of Maremmana IGP breed, from organic and free-range breeding, served on soapstone.


Trippa - Il Barrino di Tatti

White chocolate and almond “Semifreddo” with citrus scent

Barrino recipe and preparation.

Tiramisu - Il Barrino di Tatti


Tiramisù made by us, , creamy and tasty as the one (well) made at home, with a little secret that enhances the pleasure.

Dessert - Il Barrino di Tatti

Cheese cake “scomposto”

Innovative recipe of the traditional cheese cake, free and surprising as we are, designed and prepared by us.