May Songs – April 30th, 2024

Experience the May singing tradition!

Tomorrow, April 30th at 2:15 PM, the terrace of the panoramic restaurant Il Barrino di Tatti will host the group of “maggerini” from Tatti, who will be singing the May songs with their straw hats adorned with flowers and colors. After the Barrino, the “maggerini” will continue their tour of the estates in Tatti.

The May Songs

The tradition of May singing is ancient, dating back to the Etruscans in Maremma but also belonging to other peoples. The May tradition celebrates fertility with the arrival of spring, hoping for a good harvest. In the Maremma countryside, groups of singers and musicians go from estate to estate, giving songs and receiving foods (including wine, eggs, cheeses), produced by the estates.

The group of “maggerini” includes traditional figures such as the poet, who composes the text and intones the “permission” to enter the estates and the “thanks” before leaving; the laurel bearer who carries the flowering laurel branch symbol of the celebration; the basket bearer tasked with collecting and guarding the offerings that will then be consumed in a communal meal called “ribotta”, which is organized a few days later.

Il Barrino di Tatti, Expression of its People

The panoramic restaurant Il Barrino di Tatti was founded in 1971 by a group of youths from Tatti, to organize joyful occasions for eating and being together. Even today, Il Barrino di Tatti, along with the ARCI club, is one of the socializing places in the village of Tatti and is one of the stops of the May singing by the “maggerini” group of Tatti.

Join us tomorrow, April 30th at 2:15 PM, we’ll be waiting for you at the panoramic restaurant Il Barrino di Tatti!

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May Songs in Maremma - Tatti, April 30, 2024