Lella Duranti Bini

Lella Bini, testimonial of the Maremma cuisine, cooperates with Il Barrino di Tatti

Lella Duranti Bini, together with her husband Giancarlo Bini, has been for years the reference point of the Maremma cuisine.
She has been available to accompany our kitchen staff on a journey towards the most traditional and true Maremman recipes.

Alongside her dear departed husband – one of the greatest Italian restaurateurs, world expert in extra virgin olive oil and one of the founders of A.I.S.- Lella Duranti Bini, Chef Cordon Bleu and great teacher of the haute cuisine school Caterina De’ Medici, has been a guide for the last 30 years for both wines and oils and Tuscan cuisine.
The beginning of the collaboration with Lella was therefore the natural junction of two stories that were destined to intersect, read the story of Ruedi Gerber in Tatti.